OSO Cards

Below you will find answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our product, packing, transport, delivery and more. Once in a while we think of new information to share so this is a ‘dynamic document’ and certainly not the final version.

How do I place an order?
For simple orders just send us an email, for orders with larger variation of card types, color combinations and text we have an easy to fill in Order Form.

Can you send samples in advance?
This is indeed possible though we often take detailed pictures of the sample and send them to you. This saves time and money.

Does Oso Cards keep stock?
At this moment we only keep a limited stock of the most popular cards.

The card, how many sizes are there?
The most popular cards are 12 x 12 cm in closed form, the larger model measures 15 x 15 cm. Other sizes are available like 11 x 18 cm and 10 x 15 cm.

We offer most basic colors and several unusual ones like light and dark wood. It is possible though that some of the colors have limited availability in stock around busy times like Christmas, Valentines Day etc. so be on time!

Do you use art paper?
Yes we do in plain colors, metallic (shiny) colors as well as paper with special surface.

White envelope and transparent plastic cover are included?

You offer several designs but can I make my own design?
Yes you can, give us your idea or sketch and our designer will make a draft 3D model for you. Note there are limitations to the complexity of the 3D model and the size. Round forms are not always easy for us.

Can I choose my own color combinations?
Yes you can with at least 100 cards per card type.

And text?
Yep, you can choose to have your own text or no text at all.

How about stickers and special packing?
We can arrange both, let’s discuss.

Do you provide cardholders as well?
We offer small acrylic holders (3 x 3cm) with which you can make the card stand up for easy showing.

How long does it usually take to complete an order?
Depending on the quantity (between 500 and 5000 cards) and complexity of the model between 7 and 20 days. Some cards take over 15 minutes to ‘assemble’! By the way, quantities over 5000 cards are no problem, the bigger the order the better!

And transportation time?
Of course it depends where you are but as long as you are on planet Earth we can get the cards to you almost everywhere within 7 days after the cards have been put together (excluding time for possible custom procedures).

What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
Minimum order is 50 cards per card type and 500 cards total. A standard export carton can hold on average 500 cards.

Can you send us exact packing and price information?
Yes we can! We have 2 separate PDF files which we can send after we got to know you a bit. Just ask.

Can I put my own company name and website on the cards instead of the Oso Cards name?
Yes we are open to discuss ‘private label’ production. Having said that we will ask you to develop your particular market exclusively which will come with certain quantity conditions which in turns depends on how large the market / country is. Let us know your thoughts.

What are you payment terms?
Standard payment terms are 50% with order confirmation and 50% payment 14 days after delivery. Or payment 100% at shipment date with a discount of 5%.

Where do we pay?
Payment is to be made to Dupas International Limited in Hong Kong.

Do you have a bank account there?
Luckily we have, we use Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) a professional and reliable bank.

How strict are you?
Not that strict 🙂 The information in this document is meant to clarify several relevant aspects about the product, order process, delivery and others. It should not become an obstacle for us to connect and do business. We will always listen carefully to our customers and the specific questions and requirements they might have.

Can we find you online?
Yup, look us up on www.osocards.nl, facebook, instagram and google plus

How about the future?
This is just the beginning. We have a zillion ideas and are happy to share them with those who are interested to develop this product and business with us.

And if I still have questions? Drop me an email anytime at christian@osocards.nl