OSO Cards

3d pop up greeting cards

We design and supply high quality unique 3D pop up greeting cards for wholesale, retail and web shops.

Reliable worldwide delivery of small and large volume orders of standard and custom made cards for different occasions.


We like to surprise people

Everyone likes to receive a greeting card, why not surprise them as well? We distinguish ourselves by making cards with higher quality art paper, design more thought out and detailed 3D models, offer new color combinations, added decorations in line with market characteristics and supply a beautiful thick envelope and plastic cover.

Quality 3D Cards
Custom Design Popup Cards
Reliable Quality Control process


Our cards are made with high quality art paper between 180 and 300 grams and come with the thick envelop giving it a superior look and feel.


We think about our customers and sales market, its characteristics, favorite colors, designs and come up with a card which suits you best.


We perform accurate quality control before each shipment and communication through the European owner is fast and efficient. Quality packing and fast shipments.

For our customers

We offer you a sensational introduction deal to get your started. In addition we will assist you with promotion tools to make the cards clearly visible at your sales point. We want to make sure you will receive maximum benefit when adding our Oso Cards to your collection.

We focus on 3D pop up cards only, that is what we do.

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